Golden Hills Turquoise Horseshoe Necklace

  • $290.00

Golden Hills Turquoise has been so popular this year, so I had to hop on that train too! I personally think that the information behind this mine is really cool, the material is mined in Kazakhstan (located near Russia). It is extracted during the winter months as the warmer months are too boggy and wet for machinery to reach the mine! I can only imagine trying to mine the frozen ground during the winter. Golden Hills has been tested and results have shown that it is some of the most high grade turquoise in the world.  This specific stone has a good deal of brown matrix, deposits of baby blue, and ranges to an extremely pale blue. 

The chain is 18", I can shorten it if you would like or extend it if needed. If you require that I extend the chain there will be a $20 charge and shipping will be delayed by a week. 

Stamped sterling and signed with my maker's mark.

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