Meet the Maker - MacKenzie McGaha


        Welcome to the mad house that is Double M Beadwork! I am so glad that you have decided to stop by and check out my goodies, and learn a little bit more about the mind and hands behind the work. 

        I started my maker journey at seventeen with a bead loom, not really expecting that this business would become my whole life! Beadwork was my only medium for quite a few years, hence the name Double M Beadwork, but I got to the point where I wanted to elevate my skills and stand out from all of the other bead artists. A bit of fancy silversmithing was my solution, and I began making buffalo nickel studs for every pair of beaded earrings that I made! I saw it as my signature, but eventually I wanted to try my hand at turquoise studs for my earrings. I quickly learned that smithing was an art that provided me with a much larger canvas to work with! I jumped in with both feet, and absolutely fell in love. While I do still enjoy to break out the loom every once in a while, silversmithing has become my main passion. If you are someone who leans toward the beads, don't worry! I don't have plans to retire the loom entirely.   

        I was lucky enought to work for Espuela Design Co building purses for a few years while in college. It was there that I learned everything I know about business! I still get to travel the US and set up with them at shows, some of my favorites are the WRCA Finals and the NFR in Vegas. Now I live in a little town near Guthrie, Texas (where I grew up on the Four Sixes Ranch) and my business is my full time gig! I am engaged to a wonderful man, the cutie in the picture above. I have two aussies and a cat despite swearing that I would never let a cat inside my house, but hey, someone has to keep me company in the shop. I am chasing my passion and making a living of playing with pretty rocks!

         I draw the majority of my inspiration from the landscape and critters of the west, and if you haven't noticed yet, my colors of choice are almost always earth tones! I grew up in the heart of Texas ranch country, so I value handmade pieces that are built to last generations. Above all, I want to provide my customers with something unique that they can love for years to come, and then pass on to their daughters and granddaughters. 

        Thank you so much for tagging along! I truly value each and every one of you gals who supports me whether it be buying my work, commenting, or liking my pictures! I can't wait to show you all what I have up my sleeve for the future. 

                                                                                        Lots of love,