Elisa Turquoise Slabs

Elisa Turquoise Slabs

  • $425.00

If you are looking for a set of STATEMENT earrings, I've got you covered! These are big, fabulous, and boy are they going to get some attention. I've already considered adding this pair to my personal collection, but I can't keep everything I make! 

The slabs are Elisa Turquoise, mined near Sonora Mexico. These are not for the gals who can't handle a pair of earrings with a little bit of weight to them. They weigh 13 grams per earring, and measure 5" long from the bottom of the slab to the top of the studs. This set will come with a pair of my extra large sterling backs to make wear more comfortable!

Before you purchase, please do so with the understanding that this style of slab is delicate and should be handled with extreme care. Anytime you travel with this style you should be sure to pack them in a way that nothing heavy is placed on top of them and so that they can't shift to hit one another. If a slab breaks, they can be replaced with a new set for the cost of the new slabs. 

Stamped sterling and signed with my maker's mark. 

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