Crow Hop Earrings

  • $625.00

Call these showstoppers, because ma'am, that's what they are! I am pretty proud of the Black Jack Turquoise stones. Black Jack is a recently discovered vein of turquoise found in Nevada and mined by the Otteson family. It can be identified by icy blues and bright greens with yellow matrix and a black host stone. 

The brown stones with the bronc silhouette are jasper. The etching process required to create the contrast between the bronc and background results in a stone that absorbs oil from one's hands when touched. I suggest that you never handle these by the brown stone, but by the stud portion only. I do not recommend these earrings to someone who lives in an extremely humid climate. If the stones do absorb oil they can be easily cleaned at home with rubbing alcohol and a buffing cloth.

These measure in at just under 3.5" long by 1.25" at their widest. Each earring weighs 24 grams. This style comes with my extra large earring backs making for a much more comfortable wear throughout the day! Believe me, they work wonders! 

Stamped sterling and signed with my maker's mark. 

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