I don't build jewelry like anyone else.

Each of my pieces are born out of a deep love for the heritage and tradition of the western lifestyle. I believe that the true value of my art lies in its craftsmanship and unique design. I build with the intention that my work will last to be passed to the next generation.

High Grade Turquoise 

I only use stones that have been hand shaped by trusted lapidary artists. This is to ensure that the material, no matter where it was mined, is top quality. I am extremely picky about the stones that I select, if they don't have character I won't look twice at them! Click HERE to read more about the stones that I use most often. 


First of all, everything MacKenzie touches is magic! So much love, care and creativity goes in to each of her pieces. I’ve ordered not only my wedding jewelry, (being, earrings & necklace) along with my most favorite arrow head and turquoise ring plus, stacker set. BUT, Mackenzie being the sweetest human on this earth, made me a very special ring in remembrance of my momma who I lost tragically in 2021. Mackenzie never knew my mom, but took so much heart & detail to make me a ring that embodies everything my mom loved & means to me. I wear my ring every single day, and I cherish all it represents. I will never be able to thank her enough for the comfort and joy she’s brought me from this ring. I will forever be grateful for Mackenzie sharing her heart and talent with us all!

- Katie XOXO

When I first got engaged, I knew I needed to have turquoise on my big day! So I started looking at designers/silversmiths, I just kept trying to find the one with the spark that would bring an idea to life for me! I have so many friends in the silversmith/western industry, even being one myself but I wanted someone different then I met MacKenzie. I loved her work and then I finally actually got to meet her in Vegas, I knew she was the one, I wanted my something blue from! We went back and forth on ideas and finally decided on one and I still to this day, am in love with my turquoise and pearl earrings! Since she has made them for me I have a couple other of her pieces and they will forever have a spot not just in my heart but in my jewelry box!

- Ali