Bronc Stomper Earrings

  • $575.00

You gals don't know how close these came to becoming part of my personal collection! But gosh darn it, I just can't keep everything I make! The stones in these are a fantastic set of Tyrone turquoise that I held onto for a little while before I decided that it was finally time to use them. These are really going to catch some attention!

This set weighs in at 17 grams, not terribly heavy, but also not a set that I would suggest to someone who might be questioning if they are too heavy. From top to bottom they are just shy of 3.5".

This set comes with a pair of my extra large earring backs, trust me they make a major difference when wearing earrings all day! More surface area for the back to sit against means a more comfortable wear. 

Stamped sterling and signed with my maker's mark.